Truly Exceptional Mule deer

The Sonoran desert of Mexico is widely regarded as one of the most consistent producers of truly exceptional Mule deer and rightfully so.  Our outfitter here holds exclusive leases to some of the very best ranches in the entire region and is well respected for the hunts he puts on.  For the past 10 years they have maintained a success rate of 93%, with many bucks exceeding 200” and qualifying for Boone & Crockett, Pope & Young and SCI records.  Improved management, enhanced habitat and adequate precipitation have all contributed to their formula for success.


In addition to the superb mule deer hunting, Sonora also offers the very best Coues deer hunting in the world, with 120”+ record book bucks taken every season.  This outfitter has been in business for over 20 years and he knows what it takes to put on great hunts.  His highly experienced guides are well versed in accurately judging trophies and know where to find them.


Most of the Mule deer hunting here is done from high-rack trucks and then on foot.  While the Mule deer typically inhabit relatively flat desert terrain, Coues deer reside in the mountains, where careful glassing and spot & stalk tactics are effective.



Accommodations are provided in comfortable ranch houses, with meals featuring an interesting mix of both local favorites and traditional American fare.  Famous for his hospitality, you can rest assured that this outfitter will see to all the details and make this a hunt you’ll want to come back to again and again.



Mule deer hunts are priced at $9,500 and include 6 full days of hunting.  Coues deer hunts are priced at $4,500 for 5 full days.  Combo hunts for both species are priced at $11,500.  License and gun permit for Mule deer are $750; and $650 for Coues deer; with a combo license and gun permit available for $950.



December and January of every year.



1x1 guide service with vehicle and driver, accommodations, all meals and beverages, field care of trophy & meat, airport transfers.



Fly into Hermosillo, Mexico where you will be met at the airport.