Great Red Stag Hunting

Located in the southern region of La Pampa, this beautiful 37,500 acre ranch offers great Red stag hunting as well as exceptional value. The free-ranging stags here will average Bronze Medal with good numbers of Silver Medal trophies taken every season. In addition to the stags, you may also hunt for Wild boar, Estate buffalo, Axis deer, Fallow deer, Blackbuck antelope, Collared peccary and other species. Nearby dove shoots can also be arranged and added to the front or back-end of any hunt.



Accommodations at the lodge are very comfortable; the food and wine is superb; and the famous Argentine hospitality is always gracious.


Seven Hunt Packages Available


  1. Package 1: $3,990
    Includes 1 stag of any size.
  2. Package 2: $4,590
    Includes 1 stag of any size and 1 day of dove shooting.
  3. Package 3: $4,890
    Includes 1 stag of any size and 1 Blackbuck antelope.
  4. Package 4: $5,490
    Includes 1 stag of any size, 1 Blackbuck antelope and 1 day of dove shooting.
  5. Package 5: $4,500
    Includes 1 stag of any size and 1 Wild boar.
  6. Package 6: $4,400
    Includes 1 stag of any size plus a cull stag.
  7. Package 7: $7,340
    Includes 1 stag of any size, 1 Estate buffalo and 1 Blackbuck.




Peak “Roar Season” is March 10 – April 15 of each year. Hunts operate from March 1 through August 31 of each year and discounted prices apply for all hunts prior to or after the “Roar Season”. For instance, Package 1 is priced at $3,500 before or after the roar.



1x1 Professional guide service, trophies/species listed in package, accommodations, meals, airport transfers, field care of trophies.



Fly into Buenos Aires, Argentina and then on to Santa Rosa, where you will be met at the airport.